Manajemen S-1, Vol. 1 (2013) No. 1

Analysis Of Effectiveness Online Recruitment Toward Internship Program In AIESEC Andalas University

Yuli Ramanda


This research investigated the effectiveness of online recruitment based on applicants’ perspective. The researcher determines advertisement impact, interest in job offered through internet sources, intention to pursue the job applied for, and difficulties encountered in internet job searchers as measurement of effectiveness. Total of 35 applicants who passed online recruitment through AIESEC Andals University as respondents of this research.showed the interest in job variable is the most effective one, meanwhile the lowest respond is difficulties encountered in internet job searchers variable. The results of the research indicated the online recruitment is effective and it meets the needs of applicants who applied for goig exchange through AIESEC Andalas University, but it has some week points and need more attention from organization itself.

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