Manajemen S-1, Vol. 1 (2013) No. 1

Analysis Of Website Operations Among Three Rent Car Companies In Padang Case Study In (Cv Azzikra, Cv Dilla And Cv Talago Agung

Setiawan Putra


The success factor on the travel adoption for rent car companies in Padang are have to fulfill the seven aspect that already operated by the companies. The companies already made the seven aspect becoming very important, the first one information quality that offered to the customer, the second one is security of the website when the customer browsed the website, the third one is ease of used from the website. Then the next aspect is availability of the website, in term of availability the website can be to provided everything that needed by the company, and the next aspect is the customization to the customer, means that the website able to make the customer to make online reservation. And then is community, community is like a box that provided to the customer to put the comment about the company and chat with other customer on that box. And the last is the responsiveness, its focused on the operator speed to response when the customer sent e mail or post something on the website.

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